Online Fees Payments

EPFUTURE School Management System is a powerful Online Cloud based comprehensive application providing several advantages to your School Operation

EPFUTURE is the best solution to reduce your financial workload by over 80%. It is a known fact that Fees Collection and reconciliation takes bulk of the school accountants time. The application is able to link to any private payment gateway or banks to enable parents pay the school fees with ease of the click of a button on their computer.


Schools sets the fees details on EPFUTURE providing details on when the fees becomes payable

Parents can either pay the fees on their User ID or on the school website.

  • On registering on their own ID in EPFUTURE, or on the website, the Parents can see the fees that is payable.

  • ListPost filling the relevant details on the webpage, the parent is guided to the Payment gateway for completing the transaction

  • ListOn successful payment, parents get an alert and the school account details are completely updated automatically.

  • ListAutomated confirmation to both mail & SMS once payment confirmation is received. SMS message : “Dear Customer, we confirm that we have received XXXX rupees through Online Payment and the same has been accounted against your pending dues.”

  • ListParents can take the Fee Receipt anytime on their EPFUTURE ID.

online pay


  • Fully automated accounting.. no chance of any error.

  • ListEvery step is trackable so that refunds can be quick and fast.

  • ListFalse claims cannot be added into application as “payment received” .. double checks provided within application to prevent any flase claim..


  • All the payment collected through Online Payment will be reflecting into the Bank Account as default

  • ListOn confirmation of payment, the student account status will show NIL balance and the invoices showing paid status.

  • ListDaily Collection report will have a provision for Online Fee collection as well.