EPFUTURE Advantages

EPFUTURE School Management System is a powerful Online Cloud based comprehensive application providing several advantages to your School Operation

Productivity +

EPFUTURE adds to the productivity by introducing time-saving processes and reducing unnecessary duplication of activity in every aspect of school operation.

Some of these measures include

  • Paperless admission process

  • Pre-set automated alerts

  • Preset Message Reminders for important activities

  • Marks to Report Card – No manual intervention


User +

EPFUTURE is probably one of the easiest applications to adopt by anyone. Literally zero training is required for getting users onboarding. The number of users of EPFUTURE across smaller towns is a living example of the ease of application. The features that make a difference include

  • Most input forms are “dropdown” driven requiring almost no input from any user.

  • Most fields have ‘mistake alerts’ preventing any unwanted error by user.

  • Convenient customer support available to take care of retraining of staff added due to employee attrition.

  • EPFUTURE is fully Scalable and Easily Adaptable to individual school requirement.

  • EPFUTURE accessible on 24*7*365 on any device from any location as well.


Finance +

All in One Finance modules ends the need for any other additional financial solution to track school finances. EPFUTURE ensures that any rupee spent on school management is conveniently tracked on EPFUTURE with ease and perfection.

Some of the financial advantages include :

  • Online Fee collection.

  • Automated alerts for fee dues.

  • Multiple trackers for reviewing financial numbers

  • Barcodes & QR Codes for tracking assets anytime

  • Most importantly, EPFUTURE is the most economical solutions available for any school management today


Academic +

From Classroom Academics to Online Progress reports, EPFUTURE covers every aspect of Academic activity of any school, providing an easy control to all academic heads. Some of the important features include

Some of the financial advantages include :

  • Allows frequent interaction with teachers & students through their mobile apps

  • Tracking of HW and assignments and teacher's remarks

  • Built in Academic Calendar and related documents / teaching aids for teachers use


Visibility +

EPFUTURE offers maximum visibility for the school at all forums. From Integrated website to exclusive Mobile app on Google play store, EPFUTURE assists in school being visible at all times..

Some of the advantages include

  • ERP controlled website that is fully dynamic and controlled by school administration

  • Communication with prospect parents through ERP itself with follow-up reports

  • Websites updated to include new features / areas to make it in sync with technology and time.


Admission +

Complete paperless option of admission process alongwith convenient Payment Gateway options as well. The ERP provides for complete integration to make admission process seamless and easy operation.

  • Complete prospect management alongwith the built-in automated replies

  • Tracking of every enquiry till dropout or admission!

  • Admission process via exam or direct, suiting individual class requirement as well