EPFUTURE School Management System is a powerful Online Cloud based comprehensive application providing several advantages to your School Operation

One of the most menials and yet necessary jobs is “tracking attendance”. The activity starts with constant updation of register, sorting the data of those who are not present and then communicate with teh parents who are missing from school. Today modern facilities like Biometric readers are available but very few of them offer proper linkage to attendance monitoring from school point of view.

EPFUTURE is the offers you the solution to reduce attendance updation work and ensure that your attendance are 100% updated at all times with effective communication to parents as per the settings done in the ERP application.

Innovasphere will create a dedicated codes to link the Biometric readers to the ERP for automatic updation of any attendance record. Once the link is established, all the tracking is done directly through EPFUTURE and reports can be tracked directly by the school on EPFUTURE itself.



On confirmation, our team will view the existing setup and link the current hardware to the application after checking the internet connectivity, etc.

Innovasphere also supplies both Biometric machine and Cards for accessing the attendance anytime.

At the backend, our team will work out dedicated codes for the school and link the machine with their School section to start tracking the attendance automatically.


  • Fully integrated attenace. Instant updation of all information.

  • ListFeedback to Parents on absentee students and reflected in Education plus for immediate action

  • ListNo need for any manual intervention.

  • ListInnovasphere also supplies the latest instruments and fully printed ID cards for students and schools at any time.